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  1. Parasomnias: Movements or behaviors associated with sleep, sleep stages, or partial arousals from sleep that may impair sleep maintenance. Parasomnias are generally divided into four groups: arousal disorders, sleep-wake transition disorders, parasomnias of REM sleep, and nonspecific parasomnias. (From Thorpy, Sleep Disorders Medicine, 1994, p191)
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  3. Broader Categories (#Experts): Sleep Wake Disorders (551) and Narrower Categories: Nocturnal Myoclonus Syndrome (464), Nocturnal Paroxysmal Dystonia (22), REM Sleep Parasomnias (69), Restless Legs Syndrome (922), Sleep-Wake Transition Disorders (101), Sleep Arousal Disorders (116), Sleep Bruxism (588).
  4. Clinical Trials ClinicalTrials.gov : at least 340 including 10 Active, 176 Completed, 56 Recruiting
  5. Synonyms: Benign Neonatal Sleep Myoclonus, Sleep Drunkenness




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