Recruiters/Talent Acquisition Leaders: Talent is what makes an organization successful. You can use this resource to identify deep scientific and medical talent objectively. We use proprietary AI to detect career stage, likelihood of moving, and email addresses. Our analysis creates an actionable shortlist for the the impossible to find physician leader, and helps you contact and recruit them effectively. Our algorithm proactively finds the best MDs to fit your job requirement using publications and trials to evaluate subject expertise, proprietary data to judge ties to the new job location, and then contact by email with high email open and response rates. This may also be used for a referral program.

Please explore our site for evaluation. However, we would appreciate you contacting us before you act on any data from our resource. We will understand your specific needs and together develop a custom, actionable list of recruitable scientists and MDs using our technology. This will give you a competitive edge in your recruitment process by identifying additional talent and engaging them scientifically.