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  1. Neuroepithelial Neoplasms: Neoplasms composed of neuroepithelial cells, which have the capacity to differentiate into neurons, oligodendrocytes, and astrocytes. The majority of craniospinal tumors are of neuroepithelial origin. (From Dev Biol 1998 Aug 1;200(1):1-5)
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  3. Broader Categories (#Experts): Glandular and Epithelial Neoplasms (4,230), Neuroectodermal Tumors (593) and Narrower Categories: Ganglioneuroma (1,806), Glioma (4,383), Neurocytoma (1,119), Pinealoma (1,913), Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors (2,535), Retinoblastoma (2,111).
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  5. Synonyms: Astroblastoma,  Ependymoastrocytoma,  Gliomatosis Cerebri,  Polar Spongioblastoma




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