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  1. Granuloma: A relatively small nodular inflammatory lesion containing grouped mononuclear phagocytes, caused by infectious and noninfectious agents.
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  3. Broader Categories (#Experts): Lymphoproliferative Disorders (2,703) and Narrower Categories: Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia (1,190), Churg-Strauss Syndrome (2,944), Eosinophilic Granuloma (632), Foreign-Body Granuloma (2,275), Giant Cell Granuloma (1,186), Granuloma Annulare (1,082), Necrobiotic Xanthogranuloma (384), Plasma Cell Granuloma (3,399), Pyogenic Granuloma (1,696), Respiratory Tract Granuloma (709).
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